Top 3 Best Northside Hiking Boots Review – What Makes Them Special

Northside Hiking Boots Review

Adventurers constantly search for quality equipment that can withstand the harshest elements and terrains, so investing in a reliable pair of hiking boots is essential.

Northside has been at the forefront of this outdoor industry for decades, providing some of the best-crafted and most resilient gear used by trail trekkers worldwide. 

With this in mind, today we’re giving you an honest review of their renowned hiking boots so you can make more informed decisions regarding your next purchase.

Northside Hiking Boots Review

Introduction to Northside Hiking Boots – What Makes Them Special

Northside’s hiking boots are celebrated for their hallmark blend of comfort, durability, and affordability. 

Employing advanced material technology, the boots provide a superior grip on rugged terrains, aiding stability and reducing slip risks. 

The boots are equipped with a waterproof layer, ensuring dry and comfortable feet even in wet conditions. 

They feature a lightweight design, reducing fatigue on long treks. 

The padded collar and footbed enhance comfort, while the tough outer shell protects against rough terrains. 

Comfort and Fit – How Do They Feel on Your Feet

Northside’s hiking boots have been lauded for their exceptional comfort and fit. 

The interior, lined with breathable material, provides a snug fit that adapts to the contours of your feet.

 The generously padded footbed ensures comfort during long hikes, preventing the onset of foot fatigue.

 The boots also feature a spacious toe box, allowing for natural foot movement and the accommodation of thicker socks, if desired.

 The adjustable lacing system aids in achieving a custom fit, ensuring that each wear is comfortable and secure, ultimately enhancing your overall hiking experience.

The Northside Advantage

  • Durability: Northside’s hiking boots are built to last, crafted with high-quality materials that can withstand rugged terrains and weather conditions. Wearers can trust in the longevity of their boots, making it a worthy investment.
  • Affordability: Despite their high-quality construction, Northside hiking boots are reasonably priced, making them accessible to many adventurers.
  • Performance: With superior grip, waterproof properties, and a lightweight design, Northside hiking boots ensure top-notch performance on any terrain.
  • Comfort: The comfort-focused design, featuring a padded footbed and a spacious toe box, allows for long treks without discomfort or fatigue.
  • Quality Assurance: Northside’s commitment to quality control ensures each pair of boots meets high standards, providing wearers peace of mind with their purchase.
  • Style: Beyond functionality, Northside boots also boast a sleek, modern design, meaning you won’t have to compromise on style while hitting the trails.
  • Sustainability: Northside’s commitment to sustainable practices ensures each pair of boots is produced eco-consciously, making these boots a great choice for the responsible adventurer.

Durability and Quality – How Long Will They Last

Durability is a cornerstone of Northside’s hiking boots. 

Constructed with high-grade materials, these boots are designed to endure extreme weather conditions and tough terrains. 

The reinforced toe cap and heel counter add to the boot’s longevity, resisting wear and tear over time. 

The quality of the stitching, an often overlooked but crucial aspect, is commendable; it further enhances the boot’s durability. 

With proper care, Northside’s hiking boots are reported to last several years, qualifying them as a sound investment for frequent adventurers.

Their robust construction doesn’t compromise comfort, making them a truly reliable companion on the trail.

Style Options – What Different Colors Are Available

Northside’s hiking boots come in an impressive array of colors, catering to a wide range of style preferences. 

They offer traditional earth tones like brown and black, perfect for those who prefer a classic, dim look.

 They offer exciting color combinations for the more adventurous, from deep blues to vibrant greens. 

These options give customers the freedom to choose a pair that not only meets their functional needs but also aligns with their style. 

This versatility underscores Northside’s commitment to customer satisfaction, adding another reason to consider their boots for your next outdoor adventure.

Pricing – Where Can You Find the Best Deals Online

Northside hiking boots review is here. Considering their exceptional quality, Northside’s hiking boots offer excellent value for money.

Prices range from $50 to $100, depending on the specific model and size. 

You can find competitive deals on major online platforms like Amazon, REI, and Northside’s official website.

It’s worth noting that prices may vary based on sales and discounts offered at any given time. 

For the best deals, consider subscribing to their newsletters to be notified of upcoming sales events. 

Remember that a good pair of hiking boots is an investment, ensuring comfort and safety on your outdoor adventures.

Here, we discuss the best 3 Northside hiking boots for your next adventure.

Top 3 Northside Hiking Boots

Northside Hiking Boots Review

Northside Men’s Renegade 400 Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boot

This boot is designed for the rugged outdoors, with its 400g insulation ensuring warmth in cold weather conditions. 

The all-terrain grip provides excellent traction, enhancing your stability on the trail.


  • Robustly built,
  • Offering excellent warmth and waterproofing.
  • The insulation makes it ideal for cold-weather hikes.


  • Some users find the sizing to be slightly off.
  • The boots are bulkier due to the insulation, which may not be suitable for all hikers.

Northside Hiking Boots Review

    Northside Women’s Pioneer Mid-Rise Leather Hiking Boot

    This boot combines comfort and durability with its breathable insole and rugged, quiet upper. 

    It’s an excellent option for women seeking reliable and stylish hiking boots.


    • Offers great ankle support with its mid-rise design.
    • The suede upper gives it a stylish, versatile look.


    • The break-in period can be a little lengthy.
    • The outsole may wear down faster in harsh terrains.

    Northside Hiking Boots Review

    Northside Men’s Snohomish Waterproof Hiking Boot

    This waterproof boot is designed to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. 

    Its durable leather upper and rubber toe guard offer excellent protection against rough terrains.


    • Comes with a protective rubber toe guard.
    • The waterproof construction is reliable in wet conditions.


    • Some users have reported that the boots are not as breathable.
    • The laces may need frequent readjusting.


      Northside hiking boots review is here.

      Deciding on a pair of hiking boots is a significant decision for outdoor enthusiasts, and Northside offers a compelling range of options. The brand’s commitment to quality, durability, and affordability is reflected in its hiking boots, which are crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration. Their range caters to diverse style preferences and functional needs, with each model offering unique features and advantages. From the insulation-heavy Renegade 400, perfect for cold-weather hiking, to the stylish and durable Pioneer Mid Rise for women and the waterproof Snohomish geared for wet conditions, Northside ensures there is a boot to suit any adventurer’s preference. Despite minor cons, customer reviews and our analysis affirm that Northside hiking boots are a worthy investment for any outdoor adventurer. Ultimately, choosing Northside means embracing a blend of comfort, reliability, and style for your outdoor adventures.


      How Durable Are Northside Hiking Boots?

      Northside hiking boots are known for their durability.

       They are made with high-grade materials designed to endure extreme weather conditions and tough terrains.

       With proper care, these boots have been reported to last several years.

      What Colors Are Available For Northside Hiking Boots?

      Northside offers a range of color options for their hiking boots.

       They have traditional earth tones like brown and black for those who prefer a classic look. 

      They offer exciting color combinations for the more adventurous, from deep blues to vibrant greens.

      Where Can I Purchase Northside Hiking Boots?

      You can find Northside hiking boots on major online platforms such as Amazon, REI, and Northside’s official website.

       The prices may vary based on sales and discounts at any given time.

      What Are Some Pros And Cons Of The Northside Men’s Renegade 400 Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boot?

      The Renegade 400 boot is robust and offers excellent warmth and waterproofing, making it ideal for cold-weather hikes.

       However, some users find the sizing slightly off and the boots bulkier due to the insulation.

      Are There Any Specific Models For Women?

      Yes, the Northside Women’s Pioneer Mid-Rise Leather Hiking Boot is an excellent option for women.

       This stylish and durable boot offers excellent ankle support with a mid-rise design and a rugged suede upper.

      Are There Any Waterproof Options In Northside Hiking Boots?

      The Northside Men’s Snohomish Waterproof Hiking Boot is designed to keep your feet dry in wet conditions, making it an ideal choice for hiking in damp or rainy weather.

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